Sean Spicer Says Trump-Russia Is Done. Meanwhile, Three Investigations Continue

Press Secretary Sean Spicer told the press during a briefing that the cases concerning a connection between President Trump and Russia are closed, even though there are currently three investigations going on.

According to reports, Spicer insisted that, “every single person who's been briefed on this, as I've said ad nauseam from this podium...have been very clear that there is no connection between the President or the staff here and anyone doing anything with Russia.”

These current investigations are being conducted by the House Committee, Senate Committee, and the FBI. Would it be wrong to say that Spicer has no clue about these investigations? As the Press Secretary, you’d think that he would be regularly briefed about these things before he faced the press.

These investigations are anything but “case closed,” but rather just barely starting to get to the bottom of these separate situations. Spicer should possibly consider getting a new job, seeing as his claims about the Inauguration crowd were easily debunked.

This is not only Spicer, but also the White House blatantly lying about these investigations. Maybe he thinks that if he keeps denying the Trump-Russia connection claims, the press will stop asking and the public will just forget. Hopefully, this does not become the case but it doesn’t look like Spicer is going to be completely honest anytime soon.