Self-Tanning Tips To Get A Gorgeous Glow At Home (VIDEO)

Thanks to Snooki, "Tanning Mom" and this orange-skinned Scandinavian doctor, you should be fully aware of the not-so-pretty (and harmful) side effects of tanning... or, at least, we hope so. And just because you've stopped laying in a tanning bed or in the sun for hours doesn't mean you can't get a gorgeous glow.

Celebrity tanner Jimmy Coco, the man behind the faux tans of Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum and many Victoria's Secret models, shares his top self-tanning tips in the video above. It begins with a good scrub. Jimmy recommends brushing the body with a loofah and warm water. A cool water rinse will help to close pores and prevent spots.

Hydrating lotions moisturize and their emollients create a barrier that prevents self-tanners from sinking in to your elbows, knuckles and knees, which keeps weird streaks from happening.

Jimmy also suggests using tinted lotions instead of spray-on tan products, as there's less fumes to breathe in and you can get a more even tan by using mitts.

Watch the video for all of Jimmy's self-tanning tips, including his lemon juice trick for a streak-free glow, a solution to avoid orange feet and the easiest way to revive a fading tan.

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