Seniors Try Tinder For The First Time And Aren't Impressed

Dating wasn't like this back in the day.

Many young people have experienced the thrill of swiping left or right as they Tinder their way to a new romance (or sexual conquest). But the older generation doesn't seem to be as impressed with the online dating app, which makes success or rejection as easy as the touch of a screen. 

New York video production company Skin Deep, in collaboration with Vanity Fair, went to a Brooklyn senior center to teach a group of seniors how Tinder works and what dating nowadays is really like.

At first, the seniors seem to think it's a novel idea, asking someone on a date after swiping right. But then they learn it can lead to "the horizontal mambo"... often after a first date, and suddenly they are a little skeptical.

"In our time, when I went to see a girl ... I had to go hat in hand, sit down in a chair with mama and papa, and they'd find out 'Young man what are your intentions for my daughter?' It wasn't to play a game of hide the salami. You certainly couldn't say that," one senior said.

Another pointed out the potential dangers of the app, such as running into "sex fiends and rapists." 
So it seems that, for a number of reasons, the seniors probably won't be trying their luck with Tinder any time soon. And if they do, they won't be looking for any one-night stands. "For us, more than likely if we were to be on this app, we would still try to do things in a manner that we're used to," one man said. "You build up a relationship ... now it's all about how fast you can get someone into bed."
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