Seth Meyers Wishes Donald Trump Were President Again For 1 Hilariously Alien Reason

"Just for like one hour," said the "Late Night" host.

Seth Meyers on Monday wished for Donald Trump to be president again if the multiple unidentified objects the U.S. military has downed this week did turn out to be extraterrestrial.

“I gotta say, I’d never thought I’d say this. This is one time I kind of wished Donald Trump was president. Just for like one hour. Because if it was aliens, he would blurt it out instantly,” predicted the host of NBC’s “Late Night.”

Meyers imagined how Trump would tweet about the arrival of “little green ‘men’ (short)” and then use their presence to rant about his predecessor, former President Barack Obama.

The comedian then jumped into character as Trump to mimic an address to the nation.

Watch the video here:

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