Seth Meyers Nails The Hypocrisy Of Donald Trump's Business Losses

The "Late Night" host explained why the business failure spotlights "the thing Trump, cynically, claimed to fix."

Seth Meyers explained on Wednesday why The New York Times report about Donald Trump racking up almost $1.2 billion in business losses during the 1980s and 1990s wasn’t just about the president.

“It’s also a story about the thing Trump, cynically, claimed to fix, the thing that he actually benefitted from his entire life — the rigged system,” said the host of NBC’s “Late Night.”

“Most regular people are one layoff or medical emergency away from a financial crisis,” Meyers added. “But this guy lost a billion dollars over 10 years and he ended up fine.”

Meyers also described Trump as “the worst poker player ever” who “walks around like he’s holding four aces, but you just know he has a pair of twos and that extra card with the rules on it.”

“Trump was never a successful businessman, he just played one on TV,” Meyers said. “Expecting Donald Trump to exhibit business acumen is like expecting George Clooney to do an arterial bypass.”

Check out the clip above.