Seth Meyers Rips Trump's Team For Making Us Question Our Sanity

Does anyone know what's going on?

The president is under investigation. That much we know, right?

Wrong! Sad! You’re the puppet!

Seth Meyers took a confusing trip down the rabbit hole on Monday to try to make sense of the mixed messages coming from the White House about the alleged investigation into Donald Trump’s Russian ties.

First, the president tweeted an investigation was happening; then Jay Sekulow, a member of his legal team, denied it; and then Sekulow apparently confirmed it before immediately denying it again.

Thankfully, Meyers was there sifting through the ashes of our own sanities to break down what’s going on. He also breaks out his Jared Kushner impression, thanks to the Trump senior adviser’s recent reveal of his true voice. So if your head is hurting during this whole ordeal, at least there’s that.



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