Colbert Has An Urgent Warning For Fox News Over Its Trump Coverage

The "Late Show" host says the president and his favorite network could be headed for a divorce.

President Donald Trump is feuding with Fox News after the network released a poll showing him trailing several potential Democratic challengers ― and “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert is wondering if the two are headed for a divorce.

“Fox News, you pledged to be there for him for better or worse,” Colbert cracked on Tuesday night. “You keep this up, he’s going to leave you for a younger network.”

Colbert then jokingly struggled to pronounce the thing Fox News had done to annoy the president:

Colbert’s joke has more than a ring of truth to it: Not only has Trump attacked Fox News several times recently, but he’s also been flirting with a “younger” network.

Trump cited the conservative One America News Network in a pair of tweets over the weekend, praising that network’s much friendlier poll numbers.

And last month, he sent them a much more direct message: 



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