Hero Squirrel Attempts To Eat Taco Nearly The Size Of Its Whole Body

An example for us all.

Everyone goes nuts for tacos ― even squirrels.

Well, this one anyway.

Brooklyn resident Maria Bianchi recently managed to photograph a sighting of “Taco Squirrel,” a relatively rare creature in the animal kingdom.

As you can see by Bianchi’s tweet, Taco Squirrel has a jones for hardshell tacos.

Bianchi hasn’t responded to inquiries about where she took the photo or what kind of tasty taco filling ― if any ― the squirrel was enjoying.

Whatever it was, it’s safe to say it probably was delicious, because tacos, by their very nature, are delicious. Even just the lone shell would probably still be pretty good.

Taco Squirrel is just the latest urban animal caught in a feeding frenzy by a world hungry for photos of urban animals eating fast food.

The trend began in September, 2015, with the appearance of “Pizza Rat,” a rodent seen dragging a slice of cheap-ass pizza down the stairs of the New York Subway.

A performance artist named Zardulu later claimed that she staged “Pizza Rat” as a hoax, which was more of a letdown than cheap-ass pizza. The man who originally posted the video of Pizza Rat maintains that it was real and Zardulu had nothing to do with it.

Either way, the cheesy video managed to inspire people to take other photos of animals with diets just as crappy as humans.

Like “Bagel Pigeon.”

”Doughnut Rat.”

And last but not least, “Milkshake Squirrel.”

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