Muslim YouTuber's Hijab Series Is Refreshingly Honest ... And Hilarious

Tazzy Phe is answering all the questions you didn't know you had.

Muslim YouTuber Tazzy Phe is known for her smart, deadpan delivery ― and for being to able to articulate, in remarkably creative ways, what it’s like to be a young American Muslim woman during a time of increasing Islamophobia.

The vlogger recently started a YouTube series about the headscarf, a covering worn by some Muslim women as an expression of their faith. It’s not a particularly new or groundbreaking topic (she readily admits that herself). But after fielding repeated questions from curious strangers― and especially after hearing presidential candidate Donald Trump imply that Muslim women can’t speak for themselves ― the vlogger decided to dive into the subject and share some of her personal experiences with her fans.

The resulting series, cheekily named “The Secret Life Of Hijabis” (it’s made abundantly clear that Tazzy Phe doesn’t think there’s anything secretive or strange about wearing the scarf) is filled with the kind of dry humor and dialogue that is bound to be YouTube gold.

Its purpose is to “challenge the two-dimensional image that exists around people who look like [her],” the vlogger says in a video introducing the series

Tazzy Phe is an American Muslim YouTube personality.
Tazzy Phe is an American Muslim YouTube personality.

The vlogger gets real about her experiences, talking about how Muslims who wear hijab get haircuts, what happens when a guy accidentally sees her without the scarf, and how her non-Muslim female friends react when they first see her hair (there’s supposedly a lot of oohing and aahing). 

If she has to talk about the hijab, Tazzy Phe wants to do it in her own voice and on her own terms.

“Honestly, I myself get so sick of speaking about this subject, but I feel like so many people always have questions and it’s not something I can avoid and it’s just part of my life,” the vlogger said. “And so I’m hoping by getting this off my chest and trying to create a comprehensive video series, I’ll no longer have anything else to say about the subject.”

“Probably not, but I’ll try.”



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