Tearjerker Ad Shows Couple Fight Dementia To Relive The Day They Met

Grab the tissues.

Memories may fade, but true love never does in a new ad showing a couple battling dementia together by reflecting on their past. 

The ad was created for Swiss photo book company, ifolor, this holiday season to show how powerful photos can truly be. 

The video shows a woman visiting her husband, who suffers from dementia, at a care facility. She hands him a Christmas present -- an album full of old photos from the days when they were young. Suddenly, they're taken back to the first time they met and their eyes locked across a room. 

Confused at first, the photos seem to revive the husband's memories, as they recall the moment they fell in love all those years ago, and he gets up to ask her to dance. 

The two move across the floor together as if they were young once again, in a truly powerful and sentimental moment. 

A picture really is worth a thousand words. 

Watch the video above -- but don't forget to grab the tissues, first. 

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