The High Cost Of Multitasking (INFOGRAPHIC)

Multitasking Costs UsMuch?!

We've all been guilty of it -- sending a quick email during the middle of a meeting, checking Facebook in the middle of a project or updating a calendar in the middle of a phone call. With so much access to technology, we're seemingly becoming more wired to multitask. Have we entered the era of distraction?

When we multitask, we experience a 40 percent drop in productivity and it takes a longer amount of time to complete one task. Trying to accomplish multiple items on our to-do lists also contributes to an increase in our overall stress levels throughout the course of our assignments.

But our anxiety and efficiency aren't the only things that suffer when it comes to multitasking -- according to 2013 estimates, trying to do too many things at once costs the global economy $450 billion annually.

Check out the Fuzebox infographic below for more about the stunning costs -- in productivity and money -- of juggling multiple tasks.

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