Read The Story Behind Netflix's True Crime Series 'The Keepers'

Essential pre-binge reading material.

WASHINGTON ― Netflix’s highly anticipated new true crime docuseries, “The Keepers,” centers around a group of determined Baltimore women attempting to solve the 1969 murder of a beloved young nun who taught them in high school. 

The series builds on a 2015 HuffPost investigative story that followed the women for six months as they endeavored to prove that a sexually abusive priest at their all-girls Catholic school orchestrated the murder of the 25-year-old nun, Sister Cathy Cesnik, to stop her from reporting the abuse.

Cesnik was found beaten to death in a remote wooded area near her apartment, and the Baltimore police never found her killer. But renewed media attention forced members of law enforcement to revive the nearly 50-year-old cold case, and just last week, investigators exhumed the priest’s body to obtain a DNA sample. 

“The Keepers,” which comes out on May 19, was created by documentary veteran Ryan White, who directed “The Case Against 8” and “Good Ol’ Freda.” (This author also served as a consultant for the series.)

For more background on the case, read HuffPost’s original story: “Buried in Baltimore: The Mysterious Murder of a Nun Who Knew Too Much.”