The Losers and Winners


The horror is upon us. The Republican Electors have put party above nation, common sense, and morality. Here is a preliminary list of who and what lost and won as a result:

Truth lost. Lies won.

Trump and other billionaires won. The people who believed that he cared about them and getting them jobs lost.

America lost. Russia won.

The fact-based world lost. Fake news and wild conspiracy theories won.

Science lost.

Misogyny, racism, and white nationalism won.

Women lost. Minorities lost. Common decency lost.

Sexual harassment and sexual assault won.

Immigrants lost. The Statue of Liberty lost.

The 1960s lost. The 1950s won.

Vulgarity and blatant lying won.

The hyper rich won. The middle class and the poor lost.

Profits over people won.

"Greed is Good" won. Empathy lost.

Gordon Gekko won. Carl Fox lost.2016-12-20-1482248250-5243911-Gekko.jpg

Noah Cross of the 1974 film Chinatown won.

The Golden Rule lost. "Sue the bastard!" won.

December 24 Scrooge won. Christmas Morning Scrooge lost.

Democracy lost.

Freedom of speech lost. Hate speech won.

Transparency in government lost.

The nations of Eastern Europe lost.

American independence lost.

The best in the tradition of Western Civilizations lost. The worst in that same tradition won.

Concern for our fellow humans lost.

Social Security and Medicare lost (notwithstanding Trump's campaign pledges to protect them - his promises are utterly worthless).


And, above all, the planet earth lost as Trump science-denying appointees take over and root out all efforts to reduce the rate of climate change. We might recover, over time, from much of the rest of the extreme harm Trump and his minions will cause, but can the planet ever recover from a reversal in policy to benefit Trump's friends in the fossil fuel industry?


It is one of the worst developments in American history, but we must not despair - we must redouble our efforts and turn this catastrophe around - pledge to block every evil effort that this maniac and his administration of grasping billionaires, Russian agents, and white supremacists seek to foist upon the American people.

To quote (with a few small modifications) the current Nobel Laureate in Literature:

the losers now will be later to win Cause the times they will be a-changing

. . .

The slowest now
Will later be fast
As the present now
Will later be past
The order is rapidly fading
And the first one now will later be last
Cause the times they will be a-changing