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Transforming Your Life - The Easiest Most Effective Way

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You must be sick and tired of being sick and tired .... ever hear those words whispered or screamed? Only when we have hit rock bottom, lost our closest family and friends, gotten into enough debt or trouble, are done with vicious cycles and an endless lists of what we can no longer tolerate - will be choose to do something different. All is takes is one smart proactive decision to transform your whole life. Not everyone will accept the new you, not everyone will like it or support your journey and what I say is -- that's ok because you are not living to make them happy. You make decisions that strongly support you and your authentic self and if people accept it great and if they don't you have to be great with that as well. These few steps will really allow you to make major changes in your perspective about life and you will see positive changes begin. Decide you have had enough or it won't work, say yes to what makes you happy and create an action plan for you to step into your power and take massive action for powerful results.

You must honestly decide today is your day and you have had enough with .... and do something about it. No more going back, no more saying yes when you want to say no, no more consuming too much alcohol or people pleasing, no more excuses .... period. When they cheat on you and you give them one more chance they know they can do it again or you wouldn't have taken them back in the first place. Your friend who isn't really committed to her work out regime just missed an entire week because she is too tired to get up in the morning - you must find a new accountability partner. The cookies and junk food your colleagues are eating will never give you the strength to stay on your eating clean diet. You have to remain close enough to your failures in order to push you through towards your breakthroughs or the pain won't be great enough for you to sustain your new decisions. At some point you are going to have to find out what is working and continue on that path and build a new bridge to your next chapter where you set up a new set of rules where the last set of boundaries failed. You can do this - I know you can.

If you are always people pleasing and doing what only everyone else wants you to do - this will be a big disaster for a letdown. You must learn to say yes to plans, projects, love, school, your family life and business decisions that ultimately make you satisfied. If you continuously make decision based upon what others want you do to - you will be filled with resentments. You will think of what ifs, should of, would of and could ofs. Saying yes to your plans will bring much needed joy and make it easier to continually say yes to yourself and not make excuses to others in why you don't want to join their group, invest in their company or purchase their products instead of developing and selling your own. Wouldn't it feel really good to implement your own items to sell and have a passion for hustling them. I know it makes me feel good in knowing the books I have written are being read all around the globe. It's a choice you make and it's all free and will bring you many rewards when you make a sound decision to do what is right for you and you only.

You have to step into your power and take massive action for powerful results or no results follow. What you allow is what is going to continue. When we don't add any energy to something it fades and eventually dies. Ever notice when you don't water a plant it begins to wilt and then turns brown and the leaves fall off -- the same thing happens to the hobbies you once enjoyed, the business you own or the family you once started. Everything requires our time, love and attention. We must give back and put forth the effort and energy to make our dreams become a reality. When we build ourselves up and care about our passion then we will see it bloom. Taking action changes everything and is a must for the desired results to follow.

These few effective life transforming tips will transform your life one smart decision at a time - if you take the action steps necessary and say yes to you and not others. Everyone has their own dreams to fulfill and our journey is our own to walk and develop. Imagine yourself with the results in mind and surround yourself with those that want to see you succeed and you will most definitely do so. I believe in you and don't give up on yourself! Follow my journey on Facebook at Kelly Benamati.