Trevor Noah: Donald Trump Is Making Bank Being The President

At least Obama waited to cash in until after he left the White House, right?

“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah doesn’t understand why people are upset that former President Barack Obama will receive $400,000 to speak at a conference organized by a Wall Street firm.

“I know people may say that it weakens public trust when politicians cash in immediately after leaving office, but at least Obama waited until he left office, unlike this guy,” Noah said, pointing at a photo of President Donald Trump, “who’s using the office like an ATM machine.”

During the campaign, Trump said he would not only increase taxes on the rich, he wouldn’t “mind” paying higher taxes himself. Although he has yet to release his tax returns, one of the few things the public knows about Trump is that he paid $38 million in 2005, most of which was required by the alternative minimum tax. 

“At this point, he’s not even trying to hide how being the president is making him bank,” said Noah. “Honestly, I’m surprised the [Trump tax] plan didn’t include a deduction for unflattering golf pants.”