Oval Office Press Chaos: 'You Guys Are Getting Worse,' Says Trump

Journalists jostling for photos of Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-In plowed into a table and lamp.

Journalists jostling for pictures of President Donald Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-In created a bit of a mob scene in the Oval Office on Friday, with Trump grumbling: “You guys are getting worse.”

Video of the scene appears to show news photographers bumping a small table holding a lamp next to Trump, toppling it.

“Easy, fellas. Hey, fellas, fellas, easy,” Trump admonished as Moon sat in a chair next to him. “You guys are getting worse. They knocked the table down.”  

Someone else can be heard in video saying, “Stop. This is the Oval Office. Stop it.”

Trump then explains to Moon: “It’s actually a very friendly press. Don’t let that get you ― although we just lost a table.”

When things calmed down, Trump called South Korea a “major trading partner with the United States.” He said the “very, very strong” relationship is good for American workers, but his administration is renegotiating a “rough” trade deal forged five years ago by the Obama administration.

Later, in the Rose Garden, Trump said he was “encouraged by President Moon’s assurances that he will work to create a level playing field so that American workers and businesses and especially automakers can have a fair shake at dealing with South Korea,” CNN reported.

Trump also talked tough on North Korea. 

“The era of strategic patience with the North Korean regime has failed,” Trump said. “And, frankly, that patience is over.” 

He said the North Korean “dictatorship has no regard for the safety and security of its people or its neighbors and has no respect for human life — and that’s been proven over and over again.”

See more of what Trump had to say about North Korea in the video below.

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