Tuesday's Morning Email: Federal Appeals Court To Hear Arguments On Travel Ban Today

On whether or not to reinstate the travel ban.


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U.S. FEDERAL APPEALS COURT TO HEAR ARGUMENTS ON TRUMP’S TRAVEL BAN Lawyers for the states of Washington and Minnesota and the Justice Department will argue whether President Donald Trump’s controversial executive order should remain shelved today. Take a look at John Kerry and Madeline Albright’s legal argument against the travel ban, which they say will further threaten national security instead of strengthening it. And one of the judges weighing the ban is a refugee himself. [Reuters]

THESE ARE THE 78 TERRORIST ATTACKS TRUMP SAYS WENT UNDERREPORTED You’ll recognize a few of them. Anderson Cooper was quick to point out how many of these events had been covered by the media ― including himself. [HuffPost]

SENATE EXPECTED TO CONFIRM BETSY DEVOS TODAY Vice President Mike Pence is expected to cast the tie-breaking vote after extensive protests to confirm Trump’s pick for Education Secretary. [HuffPost]

BRITISH LAWMAKER MOVES TO BLOCK TRUMP FROM SPEAKING BEFORE PARLIAMENT Speaker John Bercow spoke out in the House of Commons against allowing the U.S. president to address Parliament. Bercow’s remarks come following controversy over Prime Minister Theresa May’s invitation to the president, which sparked protests and a petition that drew over 1.8 million signatures. [HuffPost]

MEET OUR NEW EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, LYDIA POLGREEN “I see us as fundamentally representing the ordinary people anywhere in the world who feel that the game is rigged; that the deck is stacked against them; who feel that the house always wins.” [CNN]

HILLARY CLINTON: I REMAIN CONVINCED THAT THE FUTURE IS FEMALE The former presidential candidate referenced the power of the women’s march and encouraged the next generation of “glass ceiling breakers” in a recorded address for the MAKERS Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, on Monday night. [HuffPost]

‘TURNING THE TIDE AGAINST CHOLERA’ “A global pandemic rose from these swamps. Now scientists may have a way to stop it.” [NYT]


ANONYMOUS TAKES DOWN 10,000 DARK WEB SITES Over their connection to child pornography. [HuffPost

THE CHROME ADD-ON THAT’S ABOUT TO MAKE BINGE-WATCHING NETFLIX EVEN EASIER Don’t blame us, thank us, when you realize you spent the whole day watching “The OA.” [HuffPost]

HERE’S THE THING ABOUT THAT AUDI AD ON PAY EQUALITY Turns out only 22 percent of the company’s employees are women. [HuffPost]

BRITNEY SPEARS HAS ASKED FOR PRAYERS FOR HER 8-YEAR-OLD NIECE After an ATV incident left Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter Maddie in critical condition. According to the police report, Maddie’s parents watched her crash an ATV into the family pond and were “unable to rescue her from underwater.” [HuffPost]

WAIT, SO LADY GAGA DIDN’T JUMP OFF THE ROOF AT THE SUPER BOWL? So it turns out she did, just not live. But don’t worry ― you can see more of her shenanigans on her newly announced world tour this summer. And here’s how “The Simpsons” (sorta) predicted this all along. [HuffPost]

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO FEEL SMALL Check out how massive these Manta Rays are. But seriously, 23 feet wide is a lot. [Digg]

LOOKS LIKE KANYE AND TRUMP AREN’T FRIENDS ANYMORE The singer has scrubbed any mention of the president from his Twitter. [HuffPost


~ The Al Qaeda leader reportedly targeted in the Yemen strike taunted President Trump in a recorded message.

~ The Women’s March organizers are planning a “day without women.”

~ The U.S. “suitcase killer” issued a surprising YouTube confession, saying she framed her boyfriend for the killing of her mother in Bali in 2014.

~ Kellyanne Conway is having one of the worst weeks in Washington, D.C.

~ Christie Brinkley kills it in this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue ― at age 63.

~ Of course “The Handmaid’s Tale” skyrocketed to the top of the Amazon bestseller list after those Super Bowl commercials. And if you haven’t read it already, you’re missing out on some seriously disturbing dystopia.

~ This black hole has been eating a star for a decade.

~ Patriots’ Martellus Bennett says he won’t be visiting the White House to celebrate his Super Bowl win.

~ You can blame these 83 genetic mutations for your height (or lack thereof).

~ This tennis player promised to go on a date after betting the Falcons would win the Super Bowl on Twitter ― proving that yes, you should tweet at stars to bet them to take you out. Dreams do come true.

~ We cannot express how much we love the “Run The Jewels” NPR Tiny Desk concert.

~ Sean Spicer had some thoughts on Melissa McCarthy’s “SNL” sketch.