Twitter Witches To Trump: Don't You Dare Compare Yourself To Us

"You can't claim witch-hood when you're a p***y-grabbing man-troll."

A group of Americans particularly annoyed about President Donald Trump claiming to be the target of a witch hunt appears to be ... witches and witch supporters.

They’re cursing the president’s Thursday morning tweet in which he insists he’s the target of the “single greatest witch hunt of a politician” in U.S. history as officials investigate possible connections between Trump’s campaign team and Russian election interference.

Witches lashed out at the president on #WitchesAgainstTrump and #TrumpWitchHunt after their identity was invoked. A “pussy-grabbing man-troll” has absolutely no right to claim “witch-hood,” wrote designer Erica Gatts. Another tweet calling on the Wicked Witch of the West told Trump that, as far as being a witch goes, “You’re fired!!” Several anti-Trump witches are involved in a monthly “binding” spell that’s designed to get the president out of office, which was mentioned in several tweets.

Others on Twitter, however, relished comparing Trump to witches, particularly since he stirred up the “birther” lies against President Barack Obama

Still others scoffed at Trump’s poor-me political victimhood.

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