The Down And Dirty Of Vagina Smuggling

The Down And Dirty Of Vagina Smuggling

When it comes to hiding contraband on your body, women have a major physiological edge over men -- an extra hiding spot.

Police have accused some women of using their sex organs to store marijuana, meth, pipes, loaded pistols and other contraband.

Jennifer Renee Crosby, 42, who was arrested last month in Florida on charges of drug possession during a traffic stop. Officers say they noticed Crosby was shaking and asked her if she was carrying drugs.

At first she said, "No," according to police. Then, when the investigator called for a female deputy to come to the scene, she allegedly admitted, "I have drugs up my vagina,"

jennifer crosby

In Kingsport, Tennessee, police arrested 19-year-old Dallas Archer in April for allegedly driving with a suspended license, and they got more than they bargained for in the strip search.

A female corrections officer allegedly discovered an "unknown object" lodged in the young woman's crotch.

It turns out that the gun was stolen a year earlier in an auto burglary, cops said.

dallas archer

In January, Las Vegas masseuse Christina Lafave was accused of snatching a customer’s $35,000 Rolex and concealing it in her vagina.

christina lafave

In December, Ericka Marie Danna, 25, was charged with causing a disturbance outside of a home in Oklahoma City.

She was taken to the county jail and when officers searched her, they allegedly found the pot pipe inside her body cavity.

Police say the pipe found in Danna's sex organ smelled like marijuana.

ericka maria danna

Last July, Christie Harris was sentenced to 25 years in prison for a variety of charges including trying to bring a loaded gun into jail inside her vagina and methamphetamine in her butt.

christie harris

In March, 2012, Porcha Gross, 21, was arrested because she allegedly had a crack "cookie" in her vagina.

A sheriff's deputy in Okaloosa County, Florida, pulled over the Evergreen, Alabama, resident, allegedly for faulty tag lights on March 9. The deputy says he spotted a marijuana blunt on the floor and took Gross into custody.

Female jail employees conducted a cavity search and say they discovered pieces of crack cocaine hidden in Gross's genitals.

porcha gross crack cookie vagina

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