Valerie Jarrett: 'Of Course' Fox News Is Biased (VIDEO)

During an interview with CNN's Campbell Brown, senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett continued the Obama administration's pushback against Fox News for, they say, not living up to their "fair and balanced" slogan.

Responding to a direct question from Brown about if she thought Fox News was biased, Jarrett said, "Of course they're biased." Jarrett would not say the same of MSNBC when Brown asked her about that cable network, instead expanding on her original answer:

This is the thing. I don't want to just generalize that all Fox is biased, or that another station is biased. I think what we want to do is look at it on a case by case basis. And when we see a pattern of distortion, we're going to be honest about that pattern of distortion

Jarrett added that it's "actually not true" that the administration only sees that pattern of distortion on Fox News.

"I think that what the administration has said very clearly is that we're gonna speak truth to power," she said.

Jarrett told Brown that the White House will go after any network, not just Fox News, that distorts the truth.

"We're calling everybody out," she said. "This isn't anything that's simply directed at Fox. We want the American people to have a clear understanding. There's so much at stake right now, we really don't have a lot of time for nonsense and distortions."


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