Vanity Fair's 'Red Meat' Calendar Shows Shirtless, Hunky Republicans

RED MEAT: 'Vanity Fair' Envisions Shirtless Republicans

In December 2008, a widely disseminated photograph of President-Elect Barack Obama emerging from the Hawaii surf in a bathing suit aroused convulsions of enthusiasm across the land. Even the New York Post joined in, catcalling, "Fit for Office ... Buff Bam Is Hawaii Hunk!" But a mere two years later--two economically desolate, war-torn, jobless years later--the national sentiment toward Obama has wilted, with open-mouthed adoration giving way to libido-crushing frustration. Far, far sexier than the president and his drooping poll numbers are the crusading challengers of the Republican Party, whose tea-swilling followers are fogging up the windows of the 2010 midterm elections. If Obama's a shipwreck, the 12 bare-chested men of Red Meat: Vanity Fair's Official 2010--11 Republican Beefcake Calendar are total dreamboats. Ahoy!

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