Venus Williams Isn't Having A Silly Question On 'The Late Late Show'

The tennis star got asked a weird one by bandleader Reggie Watts, and her reaction was priceless.

Bandleader Reggie Watts has been asking guests weird questions on “The Late Late Show.” On Thursday he lobbed one at tennis star Venus Williams and unretired NFL star Rob Gronkowski.

The two are team captains on a sports-challenge comedy game show called “Game On!” on CBS, the same network as James Corden’s talk show, so they should have expected some friendly hijinks.

But no one prepared Williams — the seven-time Grand Slam winner and sister of Serena — for Watts’ rambling goofiness.

“On a very cold day, sometimes you feel as though things are following you, meaning, sometimes when you’re cold, you feel like there might be apparitions kind of swarming around you,” Watts said. “If that’s true, how do you deal with these apparitions?”

“What the heck? What?” an unsmiling and apparently mystified Williams asked.

Gronkowski was more game, buying into the kooky vibe right away. “I just put on a bigger jacket,” he said.

That put the ball back in the court of a confused Williams, who shook her head and asked, “Is that a question?”

“Doesn’t matter,” Corden interjected, prompting the former world No. 1 to crack just a bit, laugh and search for an answer. Finally, it came to her.

“I just turn around and punch the apparition in the face!” she said.

Watts gave both Gronkowski and Williams credit for a correct answer.