Watergate Prosecutor Issues Chilling Warning About Donald Trump’s Reelection

"If he is re-elected, I lose all hope for democracy,” said Jill Wine-Banks.

Jill Wine-Banks, a prosecutor in the Watergate scandal, is sounding the alarm about democracy should President Donald Trump win a second term in office.

“I really fear for democracy and if he is reelected, I lose all hope for democracy, and I’m not being overly dramatic. I really, truly do,” the lawyer said in a new interview with Salon published Monday.

“Everything that he has done has been so, I mean, the gender and racial bias is horrible. The rule of law is horrible,” noted Wine-Banks, who is now a legal analyst for MSNBC.

“I’m not talking about his policies. I’m not talking about whether he’s right or wrong on taxes,” she continued. “I’m talking about what he has done to unleash hatred in this country and to make us not a democracy anymore. So, I think it’s a very serious thing.”

Wine-Banks, who last week said there was “no question in my mind” that Trump is “a much more existential threat to democracy than Richard Nixon was,” also warned citizens about becoming desensitized to the gradual erosion of rights.

“America, don’t be desensitized,” she cautioned. “Don’t forget that we’re losing our rights, one at time.”

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