Mike Huckabee Sickens Twitter Users With Coronavirus Scenario Involving Donald Trump

The former GOP Arkansas governor used a bonkers analogy to take aim at "the left & media." It backfired.

Mike Huckabee imagined a strange scenario involving Donald Trump literally sucking the coronavirus out of sufferers and was immediately ridiculed on Twitter.

“If he personally sucked the virus out of the lungs of all 62K ppl affected & swam to bottom of ocean to spit it out, they’d complain he polluted the seas!” the Republican former Arkansas governor tweeted Thursday.

Huckabee also claimed “the left & media” hate Trump more than the virus itself, which has now spread to dozens of countries and federal health officials have warned is poised to advance across the U.S.

Huckabee repeated the wild statement on Fox News’ flagship morning show “Fox & Friends” the following day:

It’s the latest instance of Trump’s allies accusing Democrats and the media of using the virus to attack the president, who has been widely criticized for entrusting Vice President Mike Pence to tackle the outbreak.

Twitter users gagged at what some described as Huckabee’s “fan fiction” about the president. “Stupidity goes viral even faster than deadly viruses,” responded Rep. Jared Huffman (D-Calif.).