Wednesday's Morning Email: Trump Reportedly Tells Pregnant Widow Of Fallen Soldier: He Knew What He Signed Up For

The hashtag #HeKnewWhatHeSignedUpFor began to trend on Twitter.


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TRUMP REPORTEDLY TELLS PREGNANT WIDOW OF FALLEN SOLDIER: HE KNEW WHAT HE SIGNED UP FOR Trump reportedly told the pregnant widow of a soldier killed in Niger that he “must’ve known what he signed up for,” according to Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson. The hashtag #HeKnewWhatHeSignedUpFor began to trend on Twitter, as many slammed the president for his insensitive phrasing. Trump also politicized the Afghanistan death of his Chief of Staff John Kelly’s son, asking if President Barack Obama had called Kelly after his son was killed by a land mine. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook]

UNDERSTANDING THE OBAMACARE SENATE PAYMENTS DEAL “As President Donald Trump was telling reporters that Obamacare was ‘virtually dead’ Tuesday, Republican and Democratic senators were announcing a deal to strengthen the 2010 law ― a deal that Trump himself already seems to back.” [HuffPost]

WHY THE LOSS OF RAQQA Is a critical defeat for ISIS. And this reporter saw it fall, writing about the “airstrikes if you stay, land mines if you flee.” [HuffPost]

NEWSWEEK JOURNALISTS ARE WEIGHING A SEX DISCRIMINATION SUIT AGAINST THE MAGAZINE Following the tenure of recently departed global editor-in-chief Matt McAllester. Employees detailed a pattern of “male cronyism.” [HuffPost]

‘THE MOST POWERFUL JOURNALIST IN HOLLYWOOD PROTECTED HARVEY WEINSTEIN FOR YEARS’ “In the 1990s, Peter Bart turned Variety into one of the most powerful institutions in Hollywood. In doing so, he helped turn Harvey Weinstein into another.” [HuffPost]

BOB WEINSTEIN HAS ALSO BEEN ACCUSED OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT According to executive producer Amanda Segel. Meanwhile, the Weinstein scandal has resulted in several Hollywood A-listers speaking out about their own sexual assaults. Reese Witherspoon says she was assaulted at 16, America Ferrera when she was 9. Jennifer Lawrence told how she had been forced to stand in a “degrading” lineup of nude women early in her career. “Game of Thrones” star Lena Heady said Harvey Weinstein had made sexual advances on her over the years. And designer Donna Karen apologized for victim-blaming while defending Weinstein. [HuffPost]



THE SCARAMUCCI POST ASKED READERS HOW MANY PEOPLE THEY THOUGHT HAD BEEN KILLED IN THE HOLOCAUST The former White House communications director apologized and tweeted he will be making a $25,000 donation to the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which is named after a Nazi hunter. [HuffPost]

THE MANDALAY BAY SECURITY GUARD SHOT BY THE LAS VEGAS SHOOTER IS SET TO APPEAR ON ‘ELLEN’ TODAY Jesus Campos had briefly disappeared from the national spotlight and seemed to have gone into hiding. However, he’s speaking out on “Ellen” today. [HuffPost]

A GUIDE TO OPEN ENROLLMENT That you can actually understand. [HuffPost]

KATE MIDDLETON HAS A DUE DATE Which could overlap with the queen’s birthday (and the author of The Morning Email’s, just saying. Yes, we share a birthday. Yes, you should mark your calendars for April 21.). [HuffPost]