Week to Week News Quiz for 10/23/15: Special Benghazi Edition

Imagine yourself sitting in the hot seat of the House Benghazi committee as you take our latest Week to Week news quiz.

Here are some random but real hints: He's a candidate for the Tony Hayward prize; thereby proving using government email servers isn't a cure-all; you didn't think I'd do a news quiz and not include him; and Roy from IT still hasn't set up her WiFi, either. Answers are below the quiz.

1. How long was Hillary Clinton questioned by the Benghazi House Select Committee on Thursday?
a. Two and a half hours
b. 11 hours
c. 65 minutes
d. 24 hours

2. Where is Benghazi?
a. Iraq
b. Syria
c. Libya
d. Tunisia

3. Who referred to the renewed controversy over the House Benghazi investigation as "among the worst weeks of my life"?
a. Hillary Clinton
b. Benghazi committee chair Rep. Trey Gowdy
c. Clinton aide Huma Abedin
d. Vice President Joe Biden

4. In all of its committees and investigations, how much is Congress estimated to have spent so far examining Benghazi?
a. $25,000
b. $450,000
c. $1.3 million
d. At least $20 million

5. What did House Benghazi Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy do two weeks after blaming Hillary Clinton for her handling of an email containing the name of a CIA source?
a. Accidentally released the name of the CIA source
b. Apologized for his treatment of State Department emails
c. Invited that CIA source to Capitol Hill to testify against Clinton
d. Told Fox News that he doesn't "remember making any such claim or accusation"

6. Who told Fox News' Sean Hannity that Benghazi committee chairman Gowdy was doing a "pivot" away from Hillary Clinton and "was sort of pulling away from going after her"?
a. Hillary Clinton
b. Donald Trump
c. Mark Cuban
d. David Brock

7. During her testimony before the Benghazi committee, what did Hillary Clinton say she did not have in her State Department office?
a. A private restroom
b. A computer
c. A map of the Middle East
d. A souvenir from her White House years

8. According to Fox News host Andrea Tantaros, why did Vice President Joe Biden announce on Wednesday his intention not to seek the presidency?
a. She said the administration will see to it that a white person never again becomes president
b. Biden's life had been threatened by Hillary Clinton
c. It was an attempt by the White House to divert attention from Benghazi
d. Biden made a deal with Clinton to have her appoint him to the Supreme Court

9. Who is Sidney Blumenthal, who was repeatedly mentioned by Republicans on the Benghazi panel at the hearing?
a. He was the special attache at the U.S. embassy in Libya
b. He is a tea party congressman from Texas who yelled "You lie!" at Clinton during her testimony
c. He's Clinton's lawyer, who interrupted her testimony 10 times to pass her notes, after which she denied what she had just said
d. He's a longtime ally of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton

10. What happened in the hour of 9-10 p.m. on Thursday?
a. The Clinton campaign had its best hour of fundraising so far in the race
b. Clinton fainted
c. Trey Gowdy fainted
d. 47 million viewers were live streaming the testimony, setting an online record

HISTORICAL BONUS QUESTION. What country ruled the Benghazi region from 1911 until 1941?
a. England
b. Egypt
c. Italy
d. Germany

1. b.
2. c.
3. b.
4. d.
5. a.
6. b.
7. b.
8. c.
9. d.
10. a.

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Explanations of the hints: He's a candidate for the Tony Hayward prize: Hayward was the BP CEO who famously said he wanted to get his own life back in the midst of the Gulf oil disaster; thereby proving using government email servers isn't a cure-all: unless Gowdy used his Gmail account, he used government equipment to accidentally release the secret info; you didn't think I'd do a news quiz and not include him: there's always room for Donald Trump; and Roy from I.T. still hasn't set up her WiFi, either: why would she need a computer in her office when she has an email server at home?