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5 Ways to Start Losing Weight Tomorrow

Nothing in this world feels as good as improving your health on your own. These five suggestions will help you lose weight, get healthier and feel better in a sustainable and (in retrospect) fairly simple way.
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When I say five ways to lose weight tomorrow, I am not talking about gimmicky water weight, or performing some radical feat of unsustainable extremism with diet and exercise. The five suggestions that I am giving will not only have you losing weight tomorrow but the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and so on. Beyond that, just practicing one of these five habits a day will have you keeping your health benefits and weight loss for the long run.

Maybe this sounds too good to be true? Well it's not, but it does take a little effort in the beginning. Personally, I like to decide each day which one I am going to try my best to adhere to. Number four on the list is a habit already for me, so the other four suggestions are usually up for grabs depending on my day. You only need to do one or two of them each day to see and feel results.

1.) Eat half of your dinner and go to bed a little hungry.

2.) Only eat un-processed foods for the whole day. This is actually a tough one, even for me. It's good to give this one an honest try here and there. The efforts and the results are worth experiencing.

3.) Complete two separate workouts in a day and stretch for 5-10 min after each one. They don't have to be long workouts; a 25-minute workout with a five-minute stretch will do the trick.

4.) Do not drink your calories, but do have plenty of "non" or low-calorie liquids like water, tea, and green juices (I like to add lemon and ginger to my green juices).

5.) Decide to have a simpler day and focus on your own health. Plan ahead for your eating, exercising and maybe something else for yourself like some extra time to read, get your nails done or buy a new pair of socks and underwear. Try to not over-think it but make sure the day feels like it is skewed toward you.

Even though these slimming suggestions seem pretty simple and straightforward, putting them into place can be a little tricky. The secret really is not to stop trying. The effort alone will bring you success. And you are worth it! If you are the type of person (try it if you are not) that keeps a running list each day of things "to do," put one or two of these at the top of each day's list and see what happens.

The greatest aspect of all of these little habits is that you can implement them anywhere you are, anytime. They are always an option. Jot them down in your day planner, your phone, a sticky note in your car, or an old fashioned list in your pocket. Whatever works for you is what will work.

Nothing in this world feels as good as improving your health on your own. The five suggestions above will help you lose weight, get healthier and feel better in a sustainable and (in retrospect) fairly simple way. If you have already achieved this in the past then you know I am right. If you have not, look out! You're in for a major boost of self-confidence and feeling of extra sexiness!

Your assignment: Pick one or two from the list and make a plan to implement it now! Get out of your own way and just do it. If you can't figure out how to do it, or just want to tell me how you did it, I'd love to hear from you.

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