White House Drafting Health Care Bill: CNN

CNN reported Thursday afternoon that the White House is quietly working to draft health care legislation after allowing Congress to work on its own for months.

Sources told the network that the administration could deliver its legislation to Capitol Hill sometime after the President Barack Obama's speech to a joint session of Congress Wednesday.

Obama also held a conference call with progressive Democrats, who came away from the meeting with the impression that the public option was still in play.

Rep. Lynne Woolsey (D-Calif.), one of the leading voices of the Progressive Caucus, just released a statement on the call with Obama, saying they were confident Obama was still on their side.

"Caucus leaders expressed absolute commitment to the idea of a robust public option, and said they expect it to be part of any health care reform legislation," Woolsey's office said in a statement. "The president listened, asked many questions, and suggested that the dialogue should continue. A follow-up meeting between the president and caucus leaders will take place next Tuesday or Wednesday at the White House."

Both Woolsey and Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) spoke to CNN after the meeting. "He heard it loud and clear," Woolsey said. Watch:

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