White Nationalists Are Ecstatic About Jeff Sessions' Nomination

Not a great look for Donald Trump's attorney general pick.

Republican Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions’ racially insensitive comments and hardline anti-immigration positions are prompting a host of civil rights groups to condemn President-elect Donald Trump’s nomination of him for attorney general.

But white nationalists are over the moon about Sessions’ selection, apparently seeing him as one of their own.

Liberal media watchdog Media Matters for America compiled a list of the leading figures on the bigoted “alt-right” who have publicly praised his appointment.

Sessions’ vocal white nationalist backers include David Duke, a former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, radio host James Edwards, writer Hunter Wallace and video blogger RamzPaul.

Andrew Anglin, editor of the neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer, wrote that Sessions’ nomination, along with the appointment of retired Gen. Mike Flynn as national security adviser and Steve Bannon as Trump’s chief strategist, is “like Christmas.”

“Of course, I was thinking of Sessions for either Secretary of State or Defense, but I think Trump is making a point by putting an aggressive anti-Black racist in as AG,” Anglin wrote. “It’s a corrective measure, after Obama turned the Justice Department into the Black Panthers.”

But even Anglin acknowledged that the very features that make Sessions an attractive pick to neo-Nazis might make Senate confirmation challenging.

“The reason he might face trouble? Because he’s a racist and most of these RINOs (Republican in Name Only) in Congress are filthy cuck traitors to the White race and the GOP,” Anglin wrote.

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