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Why Is Rush Limbaugh Attacking Me?

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Thank you, Rush Limbaugh -- it's an honor to be attacked by you. When Rush attacks people who are trying to spread some honest truth -- in this case, that our financial system has been ransacked by corporate CEOs, banks, insurance companies, and hedge fund gamblers, in other words, many of Rush's friends -- we know that the message is getting through.

Quick background: On May 14th, I debated Maria Bartiromo on the topic of whether there is class warfare in America (my answer was, of course, "yes" -- you can see that back-and-forth at about 6:49 of this clip).

Rush got a hold of this and wigged out, launching a wild attack against me the very next day, among other things calling me a "union thug." We thought this would make a great campaign video:

We invite you to become part of our movement to take on Rush and his cronies as we fight to truly transform the economic system.