The driver was only given a warning and not a "moo-ving violation."
Say what? Let the experts help explain the new product from Bored Cow, which could be the future of dairy.
The blaze killed an estimated 18,000 cows and critically injured one person.
Idaho state Rep. Jack Nelson, a dairy farmer, later apologized for his "inappropriate" comment on livestock and "the women's health thing."
Holy cow: The two animals apparently didn't appreciate being part of a Christmas event.
Not all grass-fed beef is from cows that have eaten green their entire life.
"I thought it was fake at first. Who puts a cow in a Buick?"
A herd of cows broke out of a meatpacking plant and stampeded through a Los Angeles suburb. One escaped with her life.
A Missouri woman has died after a cow knocked her to the ground and stepped on her after the woman tried to tag a newborn calf's ear.
A new report from the Spanish government calls for killing the more than 850 animals stuck aboard a transport ship in the Mediterranean.