"I thought it was fake at first. Who puts a cow in a Buick?"
A herd of cows broke out of a meatpacking plant and stampeded through a Los Angeles suburb. One escaped with her life.
A Missouri woman has died after a cow knocked her to the ground and stepped on her after the woman tried to tag a newborn calf's ear.
A new report from the Spanish government calls for killing the more than 850 animals stuck aboard a transport ship in the Mediterranean.
A witness to the Holsteins hoofing it down U.S. 35 in Indiana called the stampede a "joyous moment."
The burger-loving president expressed worry at Des Moines rally about a threat to cows he "loves," which he falsely attributed to the Green New Deal.
Listen carefully, and cows will tell you their mooooooods.
The trio of survivors are back home on North Carolina's Cedar Island, where their herd of "sea cows" freely roams.
The cows managed to swim five miles to a barrier island where they lived off the land.
The brash bovines have been tearing up lawns, scaring people and nearly causing car accidents, residents of a San Jose, California, neighborhood say.
Not all grass-fed beef is from cows that have eaten green their entire life.
This went from moo to "Ewwww!" in a hurry and Twitter loved it.
Pastures are not "petting zoos," and getting intimate with cows can have "serious consequences," warned Austria's tourism minister about a weird app stunt.
"Cow-ards," snort Twitter wits after the GOP cancellation announcement.
Republicans have beef with a Democratic plan to tackle climate change.
Unfortunately, the cow's daring bid for freedom came to a tragic end.
Her owner has tried hay, salt blocks and even drones to capture his "ghost in the darkness."
The cow and her calf will spend the rest of their days at an animal sanctuary.
After breaking free on a New Jersey highway, Brianna is starting over at Skylands Animal Sanctuary.