This is a necessary solution to the "challenges of extreme weather driven by climate change," an official said.
No one at Maui's Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge has seen the pond this color before — not even volunteers who have been around it for 70 years.
“The lake’s ecosystem is not only on the edge of collapse. It is collapsing,” said one researcher.
Food prices last year were more than 14% above the 2021 average, which also saw significant increases.
The decision could result in water restrictions next year for 19 million people.
Drought is leading to the phenomenon, which is threatening drinking water.
“This combines the most extreme intensity with the most extreme length with an incredibly huge area all at the same time,” the climatologist told New Scientist.
The Buddhist relics are estimated to be 600 years old and were last revealed by receding water levels in 2020.
Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Kevin Hart, Dwyane Wade and Sylvester Stalone exceeded water allowances by 150% at least four times.
The rain-free conditions exposed over 60 dinosaur tracks on one path, according a Texas state park superintendent.