“We don’t want to be heard," the 16-year-old climate activist told a task force of Senate Democrats. "We want the science to be heard.”
NGO Global Witness reveals that around the world, people are murdered and attacked for defending the Earth. Even in America, activists are being silenced.
“The presidency is not an entry-level job,” he said. “We have some real problems."
The activist's son said his mother was barred from getting on a plane with him to Vancouver.
As moms, we can’t wait for this Sunday’s holiday, filled with adorable homemade craft projects, meals with family, and lots
Unless we can effectively address the concerns of people impacted by our conservation measures, we will struggle to make serious and sustainable change.
Governor Brown has embraced the building of fossil fuel generated electricity, along with the reopening of Aliso Canyon's
By "common ground," of course, he meant our fragile planet and its depleting natural resources. Through much of his adult
The result, of course, would be politicized ignorance about how to live successfully within a biosphere. President Trump's
The term circular economy, which shows up more and more at political agendas, is precise but does not express the deep mental change that it implies.
This is how the next four years start. How will they end? That's up to you. Second, get out in the field. In addition to
For example, some sustainability-minded multi-national companies, which he names, fund the efforts of big environmental non
There are a number of features to this story that seem largely (if not indeed strikingly) new, from the blatant authoritarianism
Eras in which population growth furthered the public good are behind us.
Rather than being typecast as villains, large predators should be credited with sustaining the biodiversity and fluidity
My list of actions focuses on what we can do to create momentum for collective action on climate change.
Now more than ever, we need the attitude of a messiah to fight against the herd behavior keeping us trapped in broken economic, social and environmental systems.
Environmental issues had a marginal impact on this year's elections. This hard truth, and the strong pro-fossil-fuel tilt of President-elect Trump's cabinet, are a wake-up call for the U.S. environmental movement.