It's time to stop #AllLivesMattering the climate crisis
The "Game of Thrones" star and environmental activist later apologized for calling Pratt out over an image on Instagram.
“We don’t want to be heard," the 16-year-old climate activist told a task force of Senate Democrats. "We want the science to be heard.”
NGO Global Witness reveals that around the world, people are murdered and attacked for defending the Earth. Even in America, activists are being silenced.
“The presidency is not an entry-level job,” he said. “We have some real problems."
207 environmental advocates were murdered around the world last year.
The activist's son said his mother was barred from getting on a plane with him to Vancouver.
As moms, we can’t wait for this Sunday’s holiday, filled with adorable homemade craft projects, meals with family, and lots
Unless we can effectively address the concerns of people impacted by our conservation measures, we will struggle to make serious and sustainable change.
Many of the same people who allowed California to be ripped off during the phony shortages of the 2000 electricity crisis