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Find out where you can travel without a visa thanks to your U.S. passport.
An angry backlash against overcrowding has swept places like Dubrovnik, Rome, Barcelona and Venice.
I know we'd try avoiding the talk about the kids, just like we try any time we are alone. We'd fail miserably. As usually
10. Matera, Italy: Because you can travel through a 9,000-year-old Italian city. With over 1,500 cave dwellings and structures
"Simple ingredients," he said as he explained how they're made. "Just a bit of fennel, salt and pepper and of course the
En route to Tunisia more recently, our plane flew over Malta and I remembered how much I had enjoyed the country. I warmly
Kolmanskop Ghost Town, Luderitz, Namibia "Once a thriving diamond mine in the 1920s, it was home to a flapper-era theater
When I decided upon moving to Germany for my higher studies, the most popular comment from my friends and acquaintances was , that I was going to a country 'where beer is cheaper than water'! Everybody had heard of Oktoberfest, possibly the biggest beer festival in the world, but not many knew the reason behind it nor the fact that it actually takes place in September every year.
arrived in Varigotti in northern Italy and was immediately transported to a magical wonderland for film directors and photographers. Isolated beaches, fresh orchids, salty cacti, and gelato-colored homes overwhelmed my senses as I began filming in the cinematic and whimsical style prevalent throughout my Instagram videos and GIFS.
Crete Corfu, a world heritage site, is a must stop for families visiting Greece. (Flickr: Vince Smith) Skopelos Kontokali