Loneliness, Uncertainty And COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to more people being alone and more loneliness, which can hurt your mental health.
People share how the coronavirus has affected their anxiety, depression and more, along with how they're coping.
The emotional impact of the coronavirus cannot be understated. Here are the main problems experts are worried about.
Here's how avoiding others as COVID-19 spreads can become a bigger mental health problem and how to address it.
Our current health crisis can lead to a lot of anxiety about the future. Here's what to do when you feel helpless.
The coronavirus pandemic has led to a lot of anxiety over what we can't control. These methods can help ease the stress.
Feeling lonely during the coronavirus pandemic is normal. Therapists share little ways to feel more connected in isolation.
Advice from experts for when you just can't seem to shake the loneliness.