Tom Colicchio

“This isn’t just a matter of a few bad eggs and ​we all know it."
Launched four years ago, Food Policy Action posts a scorecard on how elected officials vote on food policy. That means farming
The food we eat matters for our economy, our health and our environment. Do Clinton or Trump agree?
2,000 chefs, led by Tom Colicchio, just let D.C. know what they think about that.
On Earth Day this year (April 22), MSNBC will air "Just Eat It," a documentary that examines the ways that rigid commercial
Think of food politics as an increasingly complex, layered and controversial arena where people make decisions about food production based not just on the food itself but its impact on the environment, health, the treatment of animals, working conditions and more.
Boston is my home now and that's the best justification I have for writing about the 12th season of Bravo's Top Chef, which premiered this week with Beantown as backdrop. Why else would I torture myself like this?