Beyond the Battlefield

There are too few doctors and nurses to treat them in rural and high-cost urban areas.
Hunter and his wife are under indictment for the alleged misuse of $250,000 in campaign money.
Rural veterans are far older and far more likely to be disabled than other rural residents. New programs across the country
Since 9/11, more than 2.4 million brave service men and women have deployed to the front lines of Iraq, Afghanistan, and
Their love story began as many do – on the dance floor. Rebecca, a Fleet Marine Force (FMF) Corpsman at Camp Pendleton in
Across the country, binders and backpacks are replacing swimsuits and sunscreen. Fleets of yellow school buses are back on the roads, and more than 50 million children are returning to the classroom.
Former pro football player David Vobora gave up a lucrative career in private fitness to work with wounded warriors. His
There are key events of a typical hero's journey, including the call to action that gets the ball rolling, departure from
AmpSurf is a non-profit organization that helps amputees find freedom on the water! It was established to promote, inspire, educate, and rehabilitate (PIER™) adaptive surfing and other outdoor activities.
The founder of Shakespeare with Veterans, Fred Johnson, has said that no one in the English language speaks more directly to the Veteran experience and the warrior's heart than William Shakespeare.
Every day I live with PTSD, but my condition is no longer my defining trait. Today, my experience has made me a better person. I know I was lucky to not only survive, but to find an identity after service and a new mission -- to make sure no one living with PTSD ever suffers in silence.
Since then, Soldier Ride has become more than just a cycling event -- it's evolved into a life-changing opportunity for recovery
That question--posed in the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) article, "Making Big Bets for Social Change"--is an
Psychologists agree that the straightest path to achieving happiness is through helping others in need and cultivating a spirit of gratitude. Reaching out to our special neighbors will be a wonderful gift for all involved.
This has to change. We are hopeful that with this amendment thousands of injured service members will soon have the opportunity
Ameen further explains: "If you were medically discharged from the Navy or Marine Corps, they have to look at that medical
But for 300 million-plus Americans today, there is no realization on a daily basis of what our brothers and sisters in uniform are doing to keep us safe and secure. In fact, less than one percent of our population currently serves in the Armed Forces compared to more than 12 percent during World War II, and very few have a direct connection to someone in the military.
America's disabled veterans answered our country's call and when their time in uniform is done, our country must stand with them. One of the key issues all veterans face is making the transition to a civilian career, and for veterans who need extra medical attention this can be even more difficult.
The number of post-9/11 service members suffering from PTSD, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), and other life-altering injuries is at an all-time high.