“Always in my heart and prayers,” wrote the supermodel, who has been helping to care for her parents as they deal with unspecified health issues.
One Twitter user quipped that the controversial sandwich is covered in "Pepto Bismol."
The decision will forbid Bolsonaro from running until 2030, upending the 68-year-old’s political future and likely erasing any chance for him to regain power.
New York Rep. George Santos has signed an agreement with public prosecutors in Brazil to avoid prosecution for forging two stolen checks in 2008.
During the pandemic, the anti-vax politician spent months sowing doubt about the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine and defiantly refused to get a shot.
The announcement is part of a campaign that gathered more than 125,000 signatures to honor the late soccer great’s impact beyond his sport.
Brazil's former president made several speeches including one to the Conservative Political Action Conference during his U.S. stay.
The Republican congressman stated in a 2017 court appearance that he was "an aspiring politician" who worked for the finance giant in New York.
Some of the hardest-hit cities canceled Carnival festivities as rescue teams searched for the injured and missing under the rubble.
Bolsonaro is being investigated for whether he had any role in inciting his supporters to storm the country's capital.