Marcelo Quiroga, who Brazil's government said was in good health, had breakfast Monday with several employees of investment funds in New York.
Ex-Trump aide Jason Miller was briefly detained Tuesday in Brazil, where MAGA movement foot soldiers are cheering on another right-wing assault on democracy.
Brazil's far-right president is following Trump's playbook to undermine 2022 elections. And he's working hard to secure the military support Trump lacked.
Rayssa Leal, who earned internet gold in 2015 when filmed shredding in fairy wings and a dress at 7, is now one of the youngest athletes to earn an Olympic medal.
Brazil's defense minister reportedly suggested canceling the elections if changes aren't made to address the far-right president's baseless claims about voter fraud.
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has had the hiccups "24 hours a day" for over a week, he says.
The all-time great led Argentina to the Copa America championship against Brazil in Rio de Janeiro.
Far-right President Jair Bolsonaro is facing allegations of corruption, official investigations and mass protests as Brazil’s death toll continues to climb.
WHO said all viruses "change over time" and hoped the shift would remove stigma associated with regions where variants were first seen.