Chuck Todd

Cohen doesn't believe Trump will run in 2024, even though he keeps saying "I'm thinking about it." That's to "keep the grift going," he added.
The senator danced around questions about Trump's ongoing efforts to undermine democracy.
The nation's top infectious disease expert said it is "inexplicable" that some people working in the medical community are refusing to get vaccinated.
The nation’s top infectious disease expert called critiques against him “preposterous” and “painfully ridiculous.”
The NBC News program discussed a rise in anti-Asian violence — without a single contributing Asian American voice.
NBC’s “Meet The Press” failed to have Asian representation on a panel about anti-Asian representation.
Dr. Anthony Fauci says it’s “possible” we’ll have more normalcy by the end of 2021.
During an interview on MSNBC, Chuck Todd schooled Republican Lauren Mace (R-SC) after she said Trump’s impeachment was unconstitutional.
“You keep saying that. Congresswoman, that is not the fact of the case," the MSNBC host told South Carolina lawmaker Nancy Mace.
Michael Osterholm says the U.K. variant will take the U.S. to a frightening new level.
The Pennsylvania senator said the president has “spiraled down into a kind of madness" and should "go away as soon as possible."
The creator stepped in "because of partisan bickering and divided government," Navarro said on "Meet the Press."
NBC's Chuck Todd accused the president of undermining his own guidelines on reopening the economy.
The Democratic presidential hopeful said he's in "good health" after having a heart attack in October.
Michael Steele explained why they aren't "losing any points."
The host of "Meet The Press" told Rolling Stone he's surprised by how willing Republicans are to spread lies and disinformation on behalf of Donald Trump.
A mic on NBC's "Meet The Press" picked up a giggle as the Texas senator defended what many in the intelligence community have debunked as a conspiracy theory.
Kerry launched a new climate coalition called World War Zero on Sunday, and said so far, "no country is getting the job done."
The "Meet The Press" host told Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy that Vladimir Putin is "selling" the same claims.
“It’s no longer a democracy if an autocrat has it in his hands," the former CIA director warned.