The Darfur region of western Sudan has been recognized as the site of genocide since 2004 by dozens of political officials
U.S.-Sudan relations have ranged from outright hostility to limited diplomatic engagement since Sudanese president Omar Hassan al-Bashir ascended to power in 1989, yet the Obama administration spent the past two years seeking to improve bilateral relations.
It is probably worth pausing and noting that the current Sudan government is responsible for the deaths of 2.5 million southern
• "Looking back on the history of Sudan's war timeline, Sudan keeps killing its own citizens. It makes me cry sometimes to
December 27, 2016 Praising those guilty of such terrible crimes for mere promises is expediency of the worst sort. We heard
As Sudan approaches what has become a day of reckoning-- #عصينا19ديسمبر #Dec19Disobedience Why People Are Protesting Sudan's
December 9th is the international day of genocide awareness and prevention. The Genocide Convention (1948) was a response
Just as destructive as Gration in the attitudes and policy views he espoused was Obama's second special envoy, Princeton
The children’s plight has triggered a diplomatic row between Paris and London, with tensions intensifying after President Hollande pressed Britain to accept its share of responsibility for the minors.
[10] United States Census Bureau, "Trade in Goods with Djibouti," accessed 3/27/2016. USAID, "Food Assistance Fact Sheet
by Eric Reeves [Eric Reeves has written extensively on Sudan for almost two decades; he is a Senior Fellow at Harvard University's
What Khartoum is saying to the U.S. by way of arresting those who gave some account of this "change in demography" to the
North Darfur is the location of what is somewhat loosely referred to as "East Jebel Marra," the region east of the massif
The Obama administration has from the beginning found it difficult to speak honestly about the ghastly realities defining Sudan under the National Islamic Front/National Congress Party regime in Khartoum. This is particularly true of human suffering and destruction in the western Darfur region, but also in the southern states of South Kordofan and Blue Nile.
I asked friends that I met through working on this cause to reflect back on 13 years of Darfur. Below are answers from fellow activists in the U.S., refugee friends in camps in Chad, and Darfuris living in that remote, mostly forgotten land.
Why should we believe that Obama will not betray the Sudanese people as a whole just as cynically in the present moment, especially with the cover of so many European countries eager to embrace a genocidal regime?
The country of Sudan has been held hostage by a former army brigadier, Omar al-Bashir, since 1989 when he staged a coup, overthrowing a democratically elected government.