Democratic Primary

With some important exceptions, the Democratic Party's left wing is rising.
A congressional race that got national attention at the last minute was dominated by local issues that benefited Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass.) over a local mayor.
The 16-term incumbent from Western Massachusetts defeated progressive Alex Morse, a local mayor.
In the solidly blue Bay State, this year's Democratic primaries are the main event.
Ed Markey suddenly has an edge over Joe Kennedy III in a race that is all about what a senator should be.
Progressive challenger Cori Bush unseated a longtime incumbent in the Democratic primary in Missouri. If she wins in November, she’ll be joining the “Squad.”
Attorney Antone Melton-Meaux was a partner at Jackson Lewis, a firm that advertises its success helping companies beat unions.
Progressive Keeda Haynes, who’s challenging a 17-year Democratic incumbent, would be the first Black woman to represent Tennessee in Congress.
Machine politics and progressive power are on the ballot in the Garden State.
Every leading candidate in a race targeted by the Democratic Party is at least open to reforming the Senate’s 60-vote threshold.