Democratic Primary

The Massachusetts senator rose while the former vice president lost his lead in a key poll for Iowa's upcoming Democratic caucuses.
A new plan would allow people unable to make it to their normal caucus to apply to set up a "satellite caucus."
The New York mayor struggled to stand out in a crowded 2020 Democratic field.
“I really feel that Elizabeth Warren would have a better shot at unifying the left and the center," said one Working Families Party leader.
Harris’ campaign said they’re aiming for a “top three” finish in the state.
Joe Biden still leads in the polls, and last week's debate doesn't look like a game-changer. But new surveys offer other good news for Warren.
The California senator and Democratic 2020 hopeful plans to join the strike line as part of the Fight for $15 movement.
“I hope there’s an age limit,” he joked, without mentioning that Democratic candidates Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders would turn 80 in office if elected.
Marie Newman, backed by the high-profile progressive lawmaker, is going after conservative-leaning Rep. Dan Lipinski in Illinois.
The Working Families Party endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in the 2016 election cycle.
The "Last Week Tonight" comedian mocked the Democratic contender's chances against Donald Trump after his outdated remarks.
The Democratic presidential candidate is inviting Shane Gillis to meet with him after the comedian's racist Asian jokes surfaced online.
The Democratic presidential candidate is defending his mandatory buyback plan after telling gun owners, "Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15."
The California senator was asked about her reaction to the entrepreneur's plan after she was heard laughing on the debate stage.
Cory Booker was asked about his diet at Thursday’s Democratic presidential debate. Polling shows voters aren’t interested.
The former vice president's mental acuity has been called into question by some Democratic presidential rivals.
The former housing secretary questioned whether Biden was able to recall the facts of his health care plan during the third Democratic debate.
It's a huge issue for working parents and the candidates keep trying to bring it up.
But no, it would not mean "federal agents knocking on doors," the Democratic presidential candidate said.