Las Vegas

Celebrities took some style gambles and won in Las Vegas.
Military personnel found the suburban Las Vegas woman north of Los Angeles after she was raped, robbed and left for dead in the desert by kidnappers.
The singer, who's currently doing a Las Vegas residency, knows a good thing when she hears it.
"We fell into each other’s arms," the pop star later joked about the tumble during her "Enigma" residency in Las Vegas.
The presidential candidate was released from a Vegas hospital where doctors confirmed he was diagnosed with a myocardial infarction, known as a heart attack.
The singer serenaded Sharon Cook and Andrew Aitchison in a surprise gig in Las Vegas.
“Beyond the neon signs, we are a city of neighbors that look out for each other,” Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak said.
At least two people were detained by police, one for public urination.
Matty Roberts says he's no longer participating in the possible music festival, citing “poor planning," among other things.
The Justice Department said Conor Climo promoted white supremacy, had drawn up plans for an attack involving explosives and had bomb-making materials.
The singer's wife told reporters, “We are not a party and have no idea what happened."
Discussions with union members helped convince her of the need for a 10-year phase-in period, the California senator and 2020 presidential candidate said.
Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and others in the 2020 field promised public-sector employees they would make it easier to bargain collectively.
The 2020 Democratic candidate has made controversial comments on physical and mental health care.
Massive swarms of the winged critters have settled over the city, and they could linger for weeks, experts say.
The soccer star was accused of sexual assault against a woman in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2009.
It details changes that the department has made in the wake of the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, including securing high-rises overlooking crowds.
It was felt as far away as Las Vegas, and the USGS says it also was felt in Mexico.
Cordell Hendrex was fired because of his actions during the 2017 mass shooting at the Mandalay Bay casino-hotel that left 58 people dead.
The family of Carrie Parsons argue that AR-15-style weapons are “thinly disguised” machine guns that the manufacturers knew could be easily modified.