Las Vegas

The NFL team probably meant well but fumbled the feelings.
“The protection has to be for all, not one side,” a union representative said of Clark County's decision to limit its coronavirus mask mandate.
Las Vegas' reopening has brought buffets back into our lives, though many didn't survive. Here's what they're doing differently now.
The NFL defensive lineman announced on Instagram that he's gay and has "been meaning to do this for a while now but finally feel comfortable getting it off my chest."
After winning $367,000 in Las Vegas, Harlan Miller plans to get the bride "a better wedding present now.”
The measure will require the replacement of about 6 square miles of grass in the metro Las Vegas area, and save around 25 million gallons of water per day.
The tweet, which read "I can breathe," set off an explosive reaction online.
Giacalone suffered severe brain damage after an allergic reaction in 2013 that left her paralyzed and unable to eat on her own.
Malaysia King and Arna Kimiai coughed on their San Francisco driver and pepper-sprayed him after he stopped their ride for refusing to wear a mask, police said.