Las Vegas

The illusionist died at his home in Las Vegas, reported German news agency dpa. Roy Horn died in May from complications of COVID-19.
The casino mogul, whose billions gave him enormous influence with President Donald Trump and other Republican politicians, was 87.
Hsieh, who recently retired from Zappos after 20 years leading the company, had been injured in a house fire while visiting Connecticut, his lawyer said.
“There is no evidence ... fraud cost Mr. Trump the election,” a Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial declared.
"Making sure the camera sees all the bills," one person remarked of footage showing the president's offering at a Las Vegas church.
The campaign event headlined by White House spiritual adviser Paula White led to a $250 fine against the Ahern Hotel for violating coronavirus prevention rules.
The masked thief made off with "Moby" from the Deja Vu Love Boutique in Las Vegas.
The Culinary Workers Union is urging state leaders to issue a mask-wearing requirement since too many customers apparently can't take a hint.
The battered fighter's handlers ignored pleas to end the match and now the Nevada State Athletic Commission is investigating.
The men are accused of seeking to capitalize on protests over the death of George Floyd to incite violence in Las Vegas.