Lindsey Graham

In an interview with Axios, Sen. Lindsey Graham claims former President Donald Trump has the ability to destroy the Republican party.
The Republican senator introduced legislation that would outlaw abortion at 15 weeks nationwide.
But the Republican senator also reportedly called Trump a "lying motherf**ker," according to an account in The Independent of "The Divider."
GOP leaders are trying to distance themselves from a bill that's in line with their party's record and position, not to mention the priorities of their base.
The senator’s new legislation is a complete reversal from his most recent comments about restricting abortion access.
Many GOP senators don't want to talk about Lindsey Graham's national abortion ban bill because of "conflict" in their party, said the House speaker.
“The phrase ‘late-term abortion’ is a political buzzword, not medical terminology,” explained one OB-GYN.
"I'm gonna quote Lindsey Graham from Aug. 7, 2022," Karine Jean-Pierre said when asked about the legislation he introduced.
The bill has no chance of passing in a Democratic-controlled Senate, but it does signal where the GOP might go if they take back power in November.
"What I tried to do was state the obvious," Graham said, again raising the specter of violence if Trump is prosecuted for taking top-secret documents from the White House.