Lindsey Graham

Sen. Lindsey Graham said “very few people would choose work over unemployment benefits that provided moderately more money.”
The South Carolina senator said he "encourages" the president to “make sure that the science is behind what he says."
The MSNBC host wondered why Democrat Jamie Harrison would be at a Trump rally. He was actually seeing a different Black politician.
The bestselling author highlighted the GOP senator's radical shift in attitude toward Donald Trump with the montage shared online.
Republican lawmakers are wearing their loyalties on their sleeves, said the CNN host.
After the president seemingly confirmed the attorney general interfered in the Roger Stone case, the senator suggested he should stop tweeting about it.
The Republican senator said Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman's ouster was "justified."
With the impeachment trial now over, congressional Republicans are now looking into Hunter Biden and his role in a Ukrainian gas company.
Graham said when he goes to "meet God at the Pearly Gates," his impeachment trial decision probably won't come up.
The unleashed Triumph's bark had some bite in mocking GOP senators on Capitol Hill.
Sen. Lindsey Graham is demanding the whistleblower testify after President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial is over.
Graham plans to investigate Ukraine operation at Senate Intelligence Committee after Trump's impeachment trial is over.
Parnas says he knows who was involved in the Ukraine operation because he worked with Rudy Giuliani, the president's "right hand" in the scheme.
Rudy Giuliani told him "on several occasions that he spoke to Lindsey Graham about the situation, that Lindsey was always aware,” Parnas told Anderson Cooper.
They had a different opinion last year when Trump first said he’d be open to accepting dirt from a foreign actor on a political foe.
Who needs to hear witnesses when you've already made up your mind about the case against Trump?
For months, they adamantly denied that Trump withheld aid to Ukraine in exchange for an announcement of investigations into Joe Biden.
With the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump set to wrap up soon, here are the longer-term consequences it could have for republicans, democrats and the United States.
The South Carolina senator is "the worst of the lot," The Intercept’s Mehdi Hasan explains in a new video.
During the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, Rep. Adam Schiff made his plea for why Trump should be removed from office.