Mazie Hirono

The Democratic lawmakers sent a letter to the Labor Department urging the agency to crack down on worker misclassification.
The Department of Veterans Affairs “must do everything in its power” to provide reproductive care to its 555,000 female vets, a group of Senate Democrats said.
The Hawaii senator urged the defense secretary to look into providing family planning options as "a valuable recruitment and retention tool."
"It is clear that our criminal justice failed Mr. Peltier," the Democratic senator said of the Native American rights activist still in prison after nearly 50 years.
A new bill to curb the disturbing uptick in violences against Asian people easily passed through the senate… but there was just one hold out, Missouri Republican Josh Hawley.
Hawley was the only senator to vote against the legislation condemning hate crimes against Asian Americans.
The high-level appointment comes after Sens. Duckworth and Hirono criticized the lack of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in senior administration roles.
The Hawaii senator opposes Amy Coney Barrett to replace the late justice, saying she has "an ideological agenda she won’t acknowledge."
Republicans notoriously refused to meet with Merrick Garland as part of thwarting his 2016 Supreme Court nomination.
The former vice president and 2020 Democratic presidential front-runner is catching flak for supporting a prohibition on federal funding for abortions.