Obama Family

"There are going to be times ―  long periods of time ― when you can’t stand each other," she said.
Dana Perino said one of the president's messages is "not smart."
The former first lady's basketball metaphor for relationships scored points on her podcast.
A tweet from former President Barack Obama that quoted Nelson Mandela previously held that title.
Obama talked about the daily slights that Black women experience on her podcast.
"People may call Kamala Harris or Michelle Obama 'angry' as if they have no right to be dissatisfied, but we must ask ourselves: Are we satisfied? Are we satisfied with Trump’s administration?"
Twitter users didn't buy the former White House press secretary's suggestion for Trump at next week’s Republican National Convention.
Pro-Trump pundits are treating a mild political event like it's an attack against America.
The prime time personality managed to accuse Michelle Obama of playing the victim and Cardi B of peddling "filth."