The Tibetan Buddhist monk admitted "off the cuff remarks, which might be amusing in one cultural context, lose their humor in translation."
Steve Johnson claims it's not a Nazi sign, it's a Tibetan symbol.
The 83-year-old Buddhist leader is recovering at a hospital in Dharmsala, India.
Only people with proper mountaineering permits and select researchers will reportedly be able to access the base camp on the Chinese side.
No major damages or injuries have been reported, but observers have expressed concern that China may be suppressing information about the blaze.
The Panchen Lama has not been heard from since that day, more than 20 years ago, when he and his family were taken.
Buddhist master and meditation teacher Mingyur Rinpoche explains how to meditate with one simple method
Lü Zhi, Peking University It was a chilly February day. Dangwen and his wildlife monitoring team patrolled along the upper
The trip is likely to rile Beijing which regards him as a dangerous splittist.
How "out" could we be in traditional parts of the world?