$20 bill

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said last month the new bill had been delayed until 2026, frustrating those hoping it would be unveiled this year.
Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the delay “an insult,” and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has requested a probe into the Treasury Department’s decision.
Mnuchin said he's too focused on counterfeiting to celebrate an African American woman's contributions to the country. That argument doesn't make sense.
But it's not too late to change things before 2020, Alex Stamos said.
In the end, Representative King is consistent. Preemptively striking women like Tubman, Eleanor Roosevelt, Sojourner Truth, and Alice Paul from new currency fits a pattern of uninformed leadership regarding women's lives, their contributions to our nation, and a woman's place in our society.
Did the treasurers really think about what it would it would look like, what it would symbolize if they put Jackson on Tubman's back?
As a member of the Advisory Committee for Women on 20s, I was delighted to hear the announcement that Harriet Tubman will be the face of the $20 bill.
Kudos to the Treasury Department which has announced that Harriet Tubman's face will grace the front of the redesigned $20 bill, making her the first woman in more than a century and first African American ever to be represented on the face of an American paper note.