a few good men

I would also assert these factors haven't come to fruition by themselves. Loyalty is about connection, and I believe its decline has paralleled -- and is symbolized by -- the rise of the very thing that should be bringing us closer together.
I awaited few fall releases with more anticipation than Steve Jobs, the Danny Boyle directed, Aaron Sorkin penned film based on Walter Isaacson's best-selling biography. After all, as they say at Nate'n Al deli in Beverly Hills, "what's not to like" about that team?
I knew my illness really threw my family and friends for a loop, and I spent way too much time coddling them as they coddled me. What I should have been doing was simply being honest, in all aspects.
If the Great Recession wasn't enough to change the hearts and minds of the bankers, legislators, lobbyists and voters, I really don't know what would be. We bear collective responsibility for perpetuating a terribly broken system.
NBC is in the very early stages of producing a live version of "A Few Good Men," Variety reports. Reportedly working on the
A new video from SuperCutOnline puts together a supercut of some of the best "gearing up" scenes in movie history. Clips
No doubt, selecting "the best law film" is highly dependent on one's personal preferences and even the general mood of the public at the time a film is released. So let's see what Oscar has to say about the best trial films since the inception of the Academy Awards.
I remember being very upset at as a little child when my mother told me you left "All in the Family" to direct. I didn't
Anyone who can recite Jack Nicholson's "A Few Good Men" monologue deserves praise. But a 4-year-old spewing Sorkinisms? During
DO IT YOURSELF AARON SORKIN With continued recent success in film and television, Reiner shows no signs of slowing down. Here
Full Segment: Time to dig into the weekend box office numbers...from 1993. We count down some of the classic films that topped the box office on this weekend 20 years ago.
We all want a customer base who anxiously awaits each product release and supports us through thick and thin. In this case, WikiLeaks' customers were willing to wage a cyber war in defense of the business. Corporate marketers would do a lot to develop that level of brand loyalty.
When you give a casual glance to the types of theatrical films and TV shows attracting the largest audiences these days a
Here is a lesson in painful truth from newly elected New Jersey governor Chris Christie. His state like California and New
Leading Scientologists, and Cruise's lawyer have disputed the claim. And now, in this exclusive video, Tom Cruise himself discusses the explosive charges. Take a look.
What it does show, however, is how little the actual language matters to people's memories of those scenes and moments. When
Anyone who follows politics knows the standard stereotype of what liberals think of conservatives, and what conservatives think of liberals. They both have an element of truth.