Australians don't have a bill of rights. In 2007 Australia was one of the few countries that voted against the United Nations
On Friday our family wears orange. You can't compare pain and hurt like the one our people endured in the Residential Schools
Recently, the UN celebrated the Day For Indigenous Peoples. Western history's coverage of our relationships with Aboriginal/Indigenous peoples has mostly been reporting on western cases of killing and cultural annihilation. I've come to believe that we have much to learn from Indigenous peoples.
The pre match 'War Cry' has been a feature of All Stars games since 2010. The All Stars hope that the dance will eventually be adopted by the Australian team
In our formative stages, we human beings lived in an aboriginal state of tune with the horrors and favors, beauty and beasts of nature. The evolution of our brain and its attendant senses allowed us to survive, helped us to thrive, and finally potentiated our transformation into the dominant predator on the planet.
Australian artist, Helen Andronis Ibrahim, is putting her own spiritual and modern spin on earthly enlightenment.
Sweat ceremonies clean and heal, both physically and mentally. They purge the mind, bring clarity, and test participant's endurance, strength and courage. They're holy places where people renew their inherent deep and natural connection to the universe.
But voter ID laws could prevent indigenous Canadians from exercising their democratic right.
The Oka country club is not hosting powwows or returning land to Mohawks. However, we are not staring each other down, bristling with hostility. We're somewhere in between, inching toward reconciliation.
In 37 separate instances, students attempted to burn down their schools to escape the abuse, with two of those attempts resulting