Some days when life has you down, you simply don’t want to “adult.”
What's more, The Guardian reports, there is a rising malnutrition epidemic in the U.S.: But should the true measure of a
"Go after your wildest dreams."
Although we can't undo the past, we can recognize a derailment and take action to get back on track.
  20. Our remote broke six months ago. Instead of buying a new one, we get up to change the channel...and complain about
I will give more chances based on your relationship to me, just because. Yes, my children will have more chances, because they are my children. Everything we do is a teaching moment. Adults on the other hand, will not be given the same considerations, so don't even ask.
We all know that coloring is fun, but it is also therapeutic and beneficial to our mental wellbeing.
It has finally happened. You are adrift. A raft of badly lashed-together memories and a few fairly buoyant facts: That watercraft is you. But thanks to an article in The Brown Daily Herald, the Ivy League university's student paper, you are listing badly. You are at sea.
It's a new strange truth of contemporary life. There are those among us who are immune to accident: safe from slipping on soap, or getting plastered by a passing bus.
7. An 18-year-old must be able to earn and manage money. Answer by Julie Lythcott-Haims, Author of NYT bestseller How to